Both in advice and litigation, the law firm supports companies, whatever their legal issues related to human resource management, in France and internationally :

Individual working relations

The cases handled are various and cover in particular the following matters:

  • Recruitment : drafting employment contracts both for standard employees and key executives, drafting clauses of the employment contract (duration of work, mobility, non-competition clause, intellectual property, bonus clause for sales, confidential clause…) and amending employment contracts.
  • Execution : advise companies on human resources issues including duration of work hours, remuneration, absenteeism (sick leave, training, incapacity…), harassment, disciplinary procedures.
  • Termination : advise companies on dismissal procedures including drafting of the convocation to the preliminary meeting, drafting dismissal letters and also assist with negotiation for employee departure by mutual consent.

Collective bargaining relation

We assist companies in the ongoing management of the rights and obligations of employees representatives:

  • Assistance in implementing representative bodies
  • Collective negotiations in drafting collective bargaining agreement
  • Management of relationships with representative bodies

Restructurings and social plans

Restructurings have become a permanent feature of business life, and have also been the subject of numerous employment law reforms, both at national and at European level.

We advise our clients in the following areas:

  • Business transfers (mergers by absorption, sales/transfers of intangible assets, transfers to parent companies under the simplified French TUP procedure, outsourcing etc)
  • Risk minimization and handling of the employment aspects of restructurings
  • Support for advance workforce and skills planning
  • Collective redundancy procedures, employment safeguarding schemes, mobility schemes
  • Volontary Redundancy Plan

Urssaf inspection

We follow up with Labour Inspection or of the social security authorities.

Due diligence

The law firm assists his clients in the framework of due diligence on business acquisition, transfer of business.


The law firm defends his clients before labor law Court and/or criminal Court in the following areas :

  • Dismissal (personal/economic reason)
  • Termination of employment contract by the employee
  • Requalification in employment contract
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Overtime
  • Unfair competition
  • Hindrance offense of work council / CHSCT

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